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Filter & Funnel

This is a creative collaboration formed for the purpose of exploring art, craft, and culture.


While navigating our own creative journey, we naturally grew more curious about how others have managed to harness their passions and carve their own paths in life. The more we explored this question, the more we heard a similar sentiment repeated over and over. “Just do the work.” Filter & Funnel is our way of doing that.

We are interested in life’s connections, which we see all around us. They can be found in a conversation over a thoughtfully prepared meal, in the creations of artists and craftsmen, or when people from disparate backgrounds come together and create something unexpected. We think it is all of these connections and experiences, layered one upon the other, that build an individual, and it is individuals that build a culture.

We hope that Filter & Funnel will contribute to that culture. Our goal is to become more connected to our environment, our creative process, how we consume objects and experiences, and to others who share in these same desires. We’ll bring you stories that will range in scope from a profile of an artist to a delicious recipe. We’re passionate about storytelling and use whatever medium is best suited for the story at hand. Our hope is that we will be adding a little bit to, and helping grow, a culture we love.




We are
Filter & Funnel


Lisa Graedon expresses herself through many art forms. The two areas that most get her creative juices going are visual art and vegan baking. She is most fulfilled when her hands are busy making something or her feet are moving to a beat.


Tim Graedon discovered his passion for craft through fly fishing. It was the natural beauty that he found himself surrounded by that inspired him to pick up a camera. A few years ago he was bit by the fermentation bug, and now he bakes a pretty mean loaf of sourdough.